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Finished Project: SunStream

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

We have finished the site SunStream, built to monitor solar panels, visualizing their production and detecting errors in real time.

The site shows detailed information about solar panels, indicating the map location, total energy produced, and status.

In the user control panel you can find detailed information about each solar panel, showing graphics with the energy production of them, for a day, month or year.

The site has an advanced reporting system of errors and alarms which helps the owner of the solar panel to detect upcoming problems in the exact moment that they ocurr and take immediate actions.

Specific optimizations were made to allow real-time management of the vast amount of information sent each minute by the modems connected to the solar panels, located in different parts of the world.

It also has an administration panel, with all client information, their solar panels and users, having a global picture of the whole system.

The site was developed in PHP, using Symfony framework.

Finished Project: Turislatino

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

We finished last month with the site Turislatino, a hotel reservation online center.

In this portal, users can search using different criteria, in order to book the desired hotel. There is wide information about each hotel, detailing services, rates, pictures, map location and guests reviews, allowing the user to have a complete picture about it.

The site was integrated with different hotel providers, in order to show all available information in the search results. To do this, we performed the unification of different APIs of the hotel providers.

We developed a large number of components, which show useful information for the user, such as: best ranked hotels, nearby hotels, top selling hotels, recommended hotels, etc, that can be easily included anywhere on the site.

The site was carefully built to adapt to all best practices of the SEO world, which allows to have friendly url’s to the whole site, meta-keywords definition for each page, and internal tools that can be used to make changes based on keyword positioning decisions.

In addition, there is a complete administrator of all site information, such as: hotels, hotel services, hotel categories, countries, cities, points of interest, articles, news, etc. It also includes the booking administration, and a finance panel.

The site was developed in PHP, using Symfony framework.

Finished Project: ArgentinaDinero

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Last month, we developed the property search site ArgentinaDinero.

Through this portal, a person can perform different kinds of search, with different criteria, in order to easily find the desired property.

Each property has it’s own photo gallery, videos, and maps, allowing users to have every detail about it.

The site’s control panel has been designed to make it extremely easy for users to upload properties. A property creation wizard helps users to enter data in an agile and powerful way. A rent management system was included too, which allows properties availability control.

The site is multi-language and was developed using RubyOnRails.

Finished Project: Points, rewards and contests engine

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

In February we implemented a contest engine and a points and reward system for a client.

An API (Application Programming Interface) and a control panel was developed for each service.

The contest engine allows other Web sites to add contests in an easy way using the developed API. These contests can be easily monitored from the control panel, which shows charts and statistics.

The points and rewards system allows Web sites to easily add loyalty programs. The developed API makes it possible to log users actions, from which users obtain points that can be traded for rewards. Several charts and statistics about users actions can be obtained through the control panel.

These API have been developed using the REST style, which simplify the way to add this features in the affiliated sites.

Finished Project: Infocívica

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Last month, we have finished Infocívica, the Poder Ciudadano web portal.

The site keeps the comunity updated with news and events, allowing the users to complete online surveys and receive news through the newsletter.

One of the key points was the incorporation of multimedia to the news, allowing each news to have its own image, audio and video gallery in a simple way. In addition, each news may have an associated survey in order to collect the users opinion, related with the news subject.

The system includes a powerful newsletter system, where different templates can be defined, allowing the dinamic insertion of news and information of the user that receives the newsletter. In addition, user groups can be defined through a set of rules applied to the users’ information, in order to send specialized newsletters.

Using the events calendar, all the events of a week or a month can be visualized in a simple way.

The system was developed in collaboration with Módulos Empresarios.

Finished Project: Lausi

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Last month, we have finished with the implementation of the advertisment management system for Lausi.

The system allows billboard ads distribution, using several criteria, like location, neighborhood and distribution circuit, among others, which combinated, allow an automated but personalized distribution for each marketing campaign.

Different reports have been implemented in order to be used at each stage of the ad distribution process, supporting the management in the analysis of the results.

In addition, all the information that was stored using an Access Database system was migrated, including clients, billboards, ads and posters archives.

The system was developed in collaboration with Módulos Empresarios.

New DO2 site is online now!

Monday, June 9th, 2008

We are proud to announce the launch of the new DO2 site. We hope you like it!

New DO2 site online soon

Monday, May 19th, 2008

We are making the last tweaks to the new site and it will be online very soon.

New DO2 site in development now

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

The new DO2 site is under development. The site will be online soon!

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