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Finished Project: SunStream

We have finished the site SunStream, built to monitor solar panels, visualizing their production and detecting errors in real time.

The site shows detailed information about solar panels, indicating the map location, total energy produced, and status.

In the user control panel you can find detailed information about each solar panel, showing graphics with the energy production of them, for a day, month or year.

The site has an advanced reporting system of errors and alarms which helps the owner of the solar panel to detect upcoming problems in the exact moment that they ocurr and take immediate actions.

Specific optimizations were made to allow real-time management of the vast amount of information sent each minute by the modems connected to the solar panels, located in different parts of the world.

It also has an administration panel, with all client information, their solar panels and users, having a global picture of the whole system.

The site was developed in PHP, using Symfony framework.

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